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  • Meteorological departments provide refined services in the (3).jpg
    Meteorological departments provide refined services in the wake of typhoon In-Fa landfall

    Meteorological departments at all levels have reinforced monitoring and early warning, consolidated cross-department coordinations, kept close tabs on typhoon movement, harnessed multiple channels to release forecasting and early warning information, and make all-out endeavor to brace for typhoon.

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    Cutting-edge technologies help forecast heavy rain

    Recently, many parts of the world have been subjected to extreme weather events like heavy rain or heat wave. While in mid-late July, heavy rains have battered large portions of North China and Huanghuai Region. During the response to the heavy rain, multiple cutting-edge forecasting technologies and modernization results have been harnessed by China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

  • Director of Gongyi meteorological department, Henan province(1).jpg
    Local meteorologist told his “narrow escape” story amid extreme heavy rain

    In the midst of extreme rain process in Henan, a news titled “ a director of meteorological department rescued after washed away by flooding”. According to the exclusive interview of China Meteorological News Press, the protagonist, Mr. Zhao Jianbiao, Director of Gongyi meteorological department, Henan, said it was another story.

Upcoming Events

  • 20 July
    Launch of Greenhouse Gas Bulletin of 2019
  • 8 July
    Launch of the First Hydromet Gap Report (ONLINE)
  • 5 July
    CMA Press Conference of July